Biltema Business

A smart and good value alternative for your company 

With Biltema Business you can:
As an authorised signatory for the company you can apply for credit using a BankID and get a fast response. 
Make purchases in all Biltema stores using the same customer number.
Administrate company information when it suits you.
Administrate your projects and persons who have the right to make purchases for the company.
Maintain a full overview of costs for projects and your employees' goods purchases.
Search for receipt information and invoices.
Delegate the administration to others in the company.

Advantages of Biltema Business:
A wide range of goods with more than 19,000 articles - something all businesses.
Long opening hours and good accessibility - over the entire country.
Collect your purchases and pay against an invoice.
No yearly fee or set-up cost.

Become a corporate customer

If you run a private business or had your application refused - read about the Biltema Card, or contact

High quality at great prices

With more than 19,000 articles within 8 product areas we currently have one of the country's widest ranges of goods - at fixed, low prices. We only sell our own brand, and buy in large stocks of products direct from the producer, which enables us to keep the prices down. From our central warehouse in Halmstad we run an efficient logistics operation at all levels, which reduces operating costs and results in low prices for consumers.

We always strive to offer high-quality products. The idea behind this simple concept is that sub-standard quality becomes expensive in the long term. Good quality for us means a faultless product that meets the customer's needs and expectations. Within certain product areas, for example tools, you will find several choices at the level of quality including products with up to 10 years' guarantee.